Emotional Intelligence for Healthy Relationships

The first step in making positive life and relationship change happens when you recognize "I don't like this and I want to change it now". Nothing happens unless you take the next step towards the right actions. Coaching will support you to take those action steps. If and when you second-guess yourself, it feels good to know you are no longer alone.


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One-on-One Coaching

The only way to realize the change you need and want is for you to invest your time, energy, and resources to make it so. If you do not act, you can expect more of the same results. Time alone doesn't heal wounds. Time plus right action leads to healing and positive change.

During coaching sessions, we can deconstruct your specific relationship interactions and help you build awareness of self and other. We will help you build the skills that set you on the path to having emotionally intimate relationships in the future.

The standard 50 minute session is $199. We offer almost 20% off the individual session price when you book the 3 session plan and close to 30% off when you book the 5 session plan.

Choose a coaching bundle and boost your coaching session with the addition of one or more courses. Bundles also give you a discount off the regularly scheduled course price.

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Courses to Build Emotional Intelligence

People are not born with emotional intelligence (EQ). Emotional intelligence is learned. We learn emotional intelligence when the behaviors of healthy, emotionally secure people are modeled to us as children.  We can also learn it by studying the skills that emotionally intelligent people use and then putting these skills into practice. 

We offer our foundational course in building emotional intelligence. It can help you expand your capacity for recognizing and engaging in healthy relationships. It contains hours of easy to consume video and practical exercises.

Accelerate your wellness journey and save money at the same time. Check out our Coaching and Course Bundles in the Coach Ryan Store.

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Now Available!

The Dos and Don'ts Roadmap - rules for healthy romantic relationships

This is our brand-new course that concisely spells out the vital red and green flags for healthy relationships. 

  • Infographic of the Dos and Don'ts for easy reference
  • Find out your attachment style quiz
  • Videos and text discussion of the rules
  • Discussion of the relationship challenges of each attachment style.
  • Helps you build awareness of what a healthy relationship looks like and if yours is unhealthy

Get it today for $14.99


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Gaslighting Defense and Recovery Course Now Available

This is a five-module course to help you identify, protect against and recover from gaslighting in your personal and workplace relationships. The course has 4 modules of video and transcript plus a module of practical exercises for you to build emotional resiliency.

Email subscribers will also get brief, periodic communication and relationship skills tips.

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Learn 5 Easy Phrases to be a More Effective Communicator

Our Free Active Listening/Clean Language skills course helps you communicate in an authentic, fair way so you can stop second-guessing yourself.

I Want to Be a More Effective Communicator

I'm Ryan Holley

We all have our stories about life's ups and downs. Little did I know that one of the worst times of my life would end up being the so-called "blessing in disguise".

Our deepest learnings often come from what we initially perceive to be failure.  

Now I use my own personal struggle and success to help people just like you identify relationship health. 

The truth is simple. There really aren't any failures if we can accept the feedback about what didn't work and learn from it. 


Read a Bit More About Me

"Thank you for your videos. I can't tell you how much they mean to me. I often feel very alone in my grief but hearing you talk about anxious and avoidant relationships brings me comfort. I feel heard and seen even if it is not by the person I want. I hope that makes sense."


"I can't begin to tell you how bang on you are, everything you say resonates with me. I've done a lot of reading, watching, listening and learning and you have dialed it in just that much closer. I got sabotaged not knowing what an Avoidant is let alone ever hearing that word. Thanks for your help."


"Good morning from Australia.... thank-you for the great work you are doing. It helps to know I am not alone, absolutely normal and I can hold my head up high knowing I loved him to the best of my ability and it is time to let him go."


Foundational Emotional Intelligence Course and more

Find out how to create the path to emotional intimacy in your primary and other important relationships with the Emotional Intelligence course.

Build a more empowered, authentic self with the Gaslighting Defense and Recovery  Course.

Now both of these courses are discounted by 50% as we build our Dating Rules Roadmap for Healthy Romantic Relationships. 

The Dating Rules Roadmap will reference the material in both the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the Gaslighting Defense and Recovery courses.

We encourage you to get both courses while the discount exists.


Emotional Intelligence 

Hours of video and practical exercises to build emotional regulation and competency.

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Specific Relationship Issue Courses

Mini, informative and easy to consume series on TikTok.

Go to TikTok @coach.ryan0

Gaslighting Defense and Recovery 

Hours of Coach Ryan Video, text, and practical exercises to rediscover and fortify your authentic self. Become confident in your ability to recognize relationship destroying gaslighting behaviors.

Discover the Truth Behind Gaslighting
New Course Available

Roadmap for Healthy Romantic Relationships -

Get the easy to follow Do and Don't Rules Roadmap

The course contains:

  • Know your attachment style quiz
  • ¬†Coach Ryan Videos
  • Dos and Don'ts Infographic for easy reference - online and downloadable PDF
  • Text created by the Coach Ryan Team.
  • Online Access
  • Repeat as many times as you want
  • All for $14.99

 This course is a great tool for easily discerning "red flags" and "green flags" in your intimate relationship.

Stop second-guessing yourself. This course will guide you.

Lori Olson, a member or the Coach Ryan Team, is a licensed private practice psychotherapist acting as team consultant and collaborative partner in course building.
She has been helping 1000s of people build competencies in emotional self-management for more than a decade.
Find Out More about Relationship Dos and Don'ts

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Coaching Plans

Find a plan that suits your need and budget. You will be able to choose a multi-payment option at check-out. 

Coaching and Courses

Plan 1


Top features

  • 50 minute session
  • Focused on understanding your specific concerns
  • Psychologically Informed Feedback
  • Working to Build Clarity and Making Sense
  • Recommendations for Next Steps

Plan 2


Most Popular

  • (3) 50 minute sessions
  • 20% off the individual session rate
  • Contains all the features offered in plan 1
  • Develop a "Roadmap" for Moving Forward
  • Start Building Emotional Intelligence Skills

Plan 3


Top features

  • (5) 50 minute sessions
  • 30% the individual session rate
  • Contains all the features offered in plan 2
  • Continue to deconstruct complex personal concerns
  • Continue to build emotional intelligence skills

Save with Coaching Plans and Course Bundles

20-30% Discount

Top features

  • Accelerate your positive change process with knowledge
  • Get informed Feedback about your specific situation(s)
  • Build awareness of healthy and unhealthy relationship dynamics
  • Identify areas¬†you want to fortify
  • Learn how to be kind to yourself
  • Build realistic expectations
  • Budget friendly plans
Save with Coaching and Course Bundles

We Recommend Our Most Popular Coaching and Course Bundle


Top features

  • 3 Individual 50 Minute Sessions with Coach Ryan
  • Foundations in Emotional Intimacy Course - hours of video, text and exercises
  • Gaslighting Defense and Recovery Course - hours of video, text and exercises
  • Save $117 on coaching
  • Save $80 on the two courses
  • Multi-payment options at check-out
Most Popular Coaching and Course Bundle

Our Greatest Discount Coaching and Course Bundle


Top features

  • 5 Individual 50 Minute Sessions with Coach Ryan
  • Foundations in Emotional Intimacy Course - hours of video, text and exercises
  • Gaslighting¬†Defense and Recovery Course- hours of video, text and exercises
  • Save $296 on coaching
  • Save $80 on the two courses
  • Multi-payment options at check-out
Greatest Discount Coaching and Course Bundle
Check Out Our Other Coaching and Course Offerings to Suit Your Budget. Multi-payment Options are Available at Check-Out

Disclaimer: The client is aware that the coaching relationship is not therapy. My coaching does not replace professional services such as legal, medical, or psychological advice.  Clients agree that they are entering into coaching with the understanding that clients are responsible for their own decisions and results. The information I give is an opinion and although it is based on sound psychological principles, none of these opinions should be construed as professional therapeutic advice. The client agrees to hold the coach free from all liability for any actions or results for adverse situation created as a direct or indirect result of information given by the coach.


Session Contact Procedure and Refund Policy: The client shall contact the coach at the agreed hour. If the client fails to make the appointment time, the client is still responsible for the coaching fee, unless 24 hour notice was given to reschedule the call. No shows will be rescheduled but not refunded. The coach will make every effort to reschedule the client.

Trauma Therapist

"Good morning. Thank you for posts. As a trauma therapist, I do a lot of work with attachment trauma and your posts are a great way for people to better understand why they feel the way they do. Knowledge is power. There are a ton a ton of wanna be therapists and life coaches on IG, your content is helpful and easy to understand. Be well".


Couples' Therapist

"Hey, I have tears in my eyes as I write this. I cannot, seriously cannot thank you enough, for what you’re doing for me right now. I listened to 15 of your videos over my home stereo while doing things to process my pain. As a couples’ therapist, I am embarrassed and feel shame around my unhealed patterns which I though I worked through so much. But as an empath and my work doesn’t help with this, I have a difficult time discerning between what is really happening as a true experience or if I’m acting as a savior to love in hope the love is returned. You are healing me. Please, Ryan, for all that is good and whole in the world, please keep doing what you are doing. So much love to you. Keep the videos coming. I am getting better. Thank you from the bottom of my bottomless heart".