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Gaslighting Defense and Recovery

50% off our regular course price as we build our Dating Rules roadmap for healthy emotional intimacy. The roadmap will reference the information in both our Gaslighting and Emotional Intelligence courses.

Get the Gaslighting Course at this discounted price so you can better utilize the roadmap when it is available.

In this Gaslighting Defense and Recovery course you will Set Yourself on the Path of Emotional Resiliency

Learn how to:

Recognize, Protect and Recover from Gaslighting 

What you'll get:

  • Build Knowledge to Better Identify Gaslighting in Personal and Workplace Relationships
  • Learn Healthy Ways to Stand Up for Yourself When Someone Attempts to Gaslight You
  • Learn How to Build Back a Stronger Self-Esteem and Embrace Your Authentic Self

This course is for informational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose anyone or act as a substitute for therapy if needed. Knowledge is power and this course will contribute to you building greater awareness of self and others. Awareness is an essential component of emotional intelligence.